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Peer reviewed articles

Borland G, Wilkie SE, Thomson J, Wang Z, Tullet JMA, Alic N, Selman C. Polr3b heterozygosity in mice induces both beneficial and deleterious effects on health during ageing with no effect on lifespan. Aging Cell. 2024 Mar 11:e14141. doi: 10.1111/acel.14141. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 38465473.

Jennifer Tullet, Jennifer Leigh, Brandon Coke, David Fisher, Johanna Haszczyn, Steven Houghton, Johanna Fish, Laura Freeman, Isabella Garcia, Stefan Penman, Emma Hargreaves (2024) Research Culture: Using reflective practice to support PhD students in the biosciences eLife 13:e92365.

Scanlon, DM; Tullet, JM, Allosteric regulation of C. elegans AMP-activated protein kinase.
microPublication Biology.  (2022), 10.17912/micropub.biology.000534


Javidnia, S., Cranwell, S., Mueller, S.H., Selman, C., Tullet JMA., Kuchenbaecker, K.* and Alic, N.* Population genetic analyses implicate biogenesis of translation machinery in human ageing.  Genome Res. 2022 Feb;32(2):258-265. doi: 10.1101/gr.275636.121

Nikolaos Tataridas-Pallas, Maximillian Thompson, Alexander Howard, Ian Brown, Marina Ezcurra, Ziyun Wu, Timo Keurten, Isabel Goncalves Silva, T. Keith Blackwell, Jennifer Tullet. Neuronal SKN-1B Modulates Nutritional Signalling Pathways and Mitochondrial Networks to Control Satiety.  PLoS Genetics. March 4, 2021

Benedetto, Alexandre and Bambade, Timothée and Au, Catherine and Tullet, Jennifer M.A. and Monkhouse, Jennifer and Dang, Hairuo and Cetnar, Kalina and Cabreiro, Filipe and Chan, Brian and Gems, David (2019) New Label‐Free Automated Survival Assays Reveal Unexpected Stress Resistance Patterns during C. Elegans Aging. Aging Cell, 18 (5). e12998. ISSN 1474-9718. 

Lawrence ADNemoto-Smith EDeery EBaker JASchroeder SBrown DGTullet JMAHoward MJBrown IRSmith AGBoshoff HIBarry CE 3rdWarren MJ. Construction of Fluorescent Analogs to Follow the Uptake and Distribution of Cobalamin (Vitamin B12) in Bacteria, Worms, and Plants. Cell Chem Biol. 2018 Apr 28. pii: S2451-9456(18)30142-9.


Filer D, Thompson M, Takhaveev V, Dobson AJ, Kotronaki I, Green JW, Heinemann M, Tullet JM*, Alic A*. RNA Polymerase III limits longevity downstream of TORC1. Nature. 2017 Dec 14;552(7684):263-267. 


Tullet JM*, Green JW, Au C, Benedetto A, Thompson MA, Clark E, Gilliat AF, Young A, Schmeisser K and Gems D. The SKN-1/Nrf2 transcription factor can protect against oxidative stress and increase lifespan in C. elegans by distinct mechanisms. Aging Cell. 2017 Oct;16(5):1191-1194.


Bastow E, Peswani A, Tarrant D, Tullet JM, Pentland D, Rowe M, Howard M, Tuite M and Gourlay C. SOD1 instability leads to metabolic toxicity in S. cerevisiae and C. elegans models of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). Journal of Cell Science. Nov 1;129(21):4118-4129.


Fabris, Freitas, and Tullet. An Extensive Empirical Comparison of Probabilistic Hierarchical Classifiers in Datasets of Ageing-Related Genes. 2015. IEEE/ACM Trans Comput Biol Bioinform. 2016 Nov-Dec;13(6):1045-1058. doi: 10.1109/TCBB.2015.2505288. Epub 2015 Dec 3.

Riesen M, Feyst I, Rattanavirotkul N, Ezcurra M, Tullet JM, Papatheodorou I, Ziehm M, Au C, Gilliat A, Hellberg J, Thornton J and Gems D. Mutation of the Mad-like transcription factor mdl-1 causes hyperplasia and increased aging-associated hypertrophy in C. elegans. 2014. Aging Feb;6(2):98-117.


Alic N, Tullet JM, Niccoli T, Broughton S, Hoddinott M, Slack C, Gems D, Partridge L. Cell-autonomous effects of dFOXO/DAF-16 in ageing. 2014. Cell Reports Feb 27;6(4):608-16.


Tullet JM, Araiz C, Sanders MJ, Au C, Benedetto A, Papatheodorou I, Clark E, Schmeisser K, Jones D, Schuster EF, Thornton J, Gems D.  DAF-16/FoxO-Regulation of atypical AMP Kinase gamma isoform mediates effects of Insulin/IGF-1 signalling on aging in C. elegans. 2014. PLoS Genetics. Feb 6;10(2): e100004109.


Wang J, Robida-Stubbs S, Tullet JM, Rual JF, Vidal M, Blackwell TK. RNAi screening implicates a SKN-1-dependent transcriptional response in stress resistance and longevity deriving from translation inhibition. 2010. PLoS Genetics. Aug 5;6(8). pii: e1001048.


Schuster E*, McElwee JJ*, Tullet JM, Doonan R, Matthijssens F, Reece-Hoyes JS, Hope IA, Vanfleteren JR, Thornton JM, Gems D. DamID in C. elegans reveals longevity-associated targets of DAF-16/FoxO. 2010. Mol Syst Biol. Aug 10;6:399. *These authors contributed equally to this work.


Selman C, Tullet JM, Wieser D, Irvine E, Lingard SJ, Choudhury AI, Claret M, Al-Qassab H, Carmignac D, Ramadani F, Woods A, Robinson I, Schuster E, Batterham RL, Kozma S, Thomas G, Carling D, Okkenhaug K, Thornton J, Partridge L, Gems D, Withers D. Ribosomal protein S6 kinase 1 signalling regulates mammalian lifespan. 2009. Science. Oct 2;326(5949):140-4.


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Tullet JM, Pocock V, Steel JH, White R, Milligan S, Parker MG.Multiple signaling defects in the absence of RIP140 impair both cumulus expansion and follicle rupture. Endocrinology. 2005 Sep;146(9):4127-37. Epub 2005 May 26.


Christian M, Tullet JM, Parker MG. Characterization of four autonomous repression domains in the corepressor receptor interacting protein 140. J Biol Chem. 2004 Apr 9;279(15):15645-51. Epub 2004 Jan 21.



Review articles

Kulaberoglu Y, Malik Y, Borland G, Selman C, Alic N, Tullet JMA*. (2021) RNA Polymerase III, Ageing and Longevity. Frontiers Genetics.  Jul 6;12:705122. doi: 10.3389/fgene.2021.705122. eCollection 2021. * Corresponding author.

Spurlock, B. and Tullet, J.M.A. and Hartman, J.L. and Mitra, K. (2020) Interplay of mitochondrial fission-fusion with cell cycle regulation: Possible impacts on stem cell and organismal aging. Experimental Gerontology, 135 . p. 110919. ISSN 0531-5565.

Tullet JM. What can worms tell us about ageing in humans? Article for Futurum.

Tullet JM. Determining the role of DAF-16: -Past, present and future. 2014. Biogerontology. 10.1007/s10522-014-9527-y


Brosens JJ, Tullet JM, Varshochi R, Lam EW. Steroid receptor action. 2004. Best Pract Res Clin

Obstet Gynaecol. Apr;18(2):265-83.


Book Chapter

Slack, C. & Tullet, J. (2018) Signal transduction pathways in ageing. In: Harris, J.,  Korolchuk, V. (eds.). Biochemistry and Cell Biology of Ageing: Part I Biomedical Science.    Sub-cellular Biochemistry, 90, 323-350, Springer, Singapore.  First online: 19-02-2019   doi: 10.1007/978-981-13-2835-0_11.

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