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Lab members

The people are at the core of what makes our Research Lab such a unique and happy place to work. Each member contributes their unique skills to the projects we’re working on and we continuously learn together.
We are always looking for other motivated and enthusiastic individuals to join our team.


Dr Jenny Tullet

Principle Investigator

Yasir Malik.jpg

Dr Yasir Malik

Post Doc - The Leverhulme Trust Funded

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Dr Minaxi S. Gami

Post Doc - BBSRC funded in collaboration with Rebecca Taylor's group at the University of East Anglia


Antonis Karamalegkos

PhD Student (GCRF/University of Kent Funded)

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Noviann Mclean

PhD Student (SoCoBio BBSRC Funded)

Lydia Bennett photo.png

Lydia Bennett

PhD Student (SoCoBio BBSRC Funded)

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Justin De Araujo

Masters by Research


We always like to stay in touch.

Rene Rivera (Masters by Research)


Went on to undertake a PhD at The University of Dundee, UK.

Lydia Bennett (Masters by Research)


Went on to undertake a SoCoBio funded PhD at the University of Kent.

James Evans (Masters by Research)


Went on to undertake a PhD at The University of Durham, UK.

Dr Nikolaos Tataridas-Pallas (PhD student)


Went on to do a Post Doc at UCL, UK.

Dr Isabel Goncalves Silva (PDRA)


Now working as laboratory manager at UCL, UK.

Dr Daniel Scanlon (PhD student)


Working as a Technician with Dr Marina Ezcurra, Kent.

Alex Howard (Masters by Research)


Went on to undertake a PhD at the University of Bath, UK.

Dr Max Thompson (PhD student)


Pursuing a post doc with Dr Rebecca Taylor at the LMB Cambridge.

Ana Humbert-Camps (Masters by Research)


Went on to undertake a PhD with Prof. Simon Sprecher in Friburg, Switzerland.

Abigail King (Masters by Research and PGCE)


Now a fully qualified Science teacher.

Jonathan Page (Masters by Research)



Dr James Green (Postdoc)


Now a science technician at a secondary school.

Kevin Doyle (Masters by Research)


Went on to undertake a PhD with Dr C Gourlay  at the University of Kent. We are still collaborating.

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