Tullet Ezcurra lab outing Aug 2019.jpg

Our summer outing to Wye together with our neighbours, the Ezcurra lab.

August 2019

jenny and Anna.jpg

Really nice to celebrate with our Masters student Ana when she came back for graduation.

July 2019

max viva 2019.jpg

Max's PhD viva celebration!

July 2019

iron man.jpg

Expecting great things from this new lab member...

July 2019

Lego microscope.jpg

Lego microscope installed in the lab...

March 2019


Lab Olympics 2018

August 2018


Lab Olympics 2018

July 2018



July 2018


Final Year Undergraduate Research Projects

Spring term 2018

worms in butterflies.jpg

Superworms at St Stephens Infants, Canterbury.

May 2016


Exploring the nightlife in Leeds before the worm meeting September 2018.

September 2018

UK worm 2018 Leeds.jpg

UK worm meeting, Leeds.

September 2018

worm cake Max 2018.jpg

Worm food in cake form.

November 2018


New Research Collaboration Established

April 12, 2025


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