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Article published with Futurum Careers

January 2020

Had a great time writing this article with Futurum. These information and activity sheets are used by secondary schools for careers education. It's been fun to think about my job and how I got into it!


BBSRC funded PhD opportunity available from October 2020

January 2020

We are always looking for new team members to enhance, develop and add value to our research. Our lab is currently advertising an exciting new PhD project as part of the BBSRC funded SoCoBio doctoral training program. This project (with others) is advertised on Find a PhD https://www.findaphd.com/phds/program/fully-funded-phds-in-biological-sciences-from-the-south-coast-biosciences-doctoral-training-partnership-for-september-2020/?p4764 and further details of the application process are on https://research.kent.ac.uk/socobio/

This is brief description of the project.

Eating and Sleeping: How neuronal SKN-1/Nrf regulates satiety using the worm C. elegans.

Over-eating is unhealthy, but how do we know when to stop eating? This exciting project integrates behavioural physiology, neuroscience, cell biology, genetics and molecular biology to understand how these decisions are made. Our work has recently identified that a neuronal expressed transcription factor called SKN-1 (human Nrf) regulates these processes. During your PhD experience you will unravel the intricate underlying biology, and through our partnership with Sibelius Natural products explore new screening technologies. We hope that your findings will be harnessed to improve the health and fitness of our population.

Fully-funded PhD opportunity available for October 2020. 

October 2019

Developing countries such as Thailand are experiencing rapidly ageing populations; by 2050 one in four Asians will be over 60 years old. These dramatic changes are threatening multiple aspects of socioeconomic development and population health. Interventions that promote healthy ageing are therefore vital. We have been awarded a PhD studentship by the Global Challenges Doctoral Centre for an exciting project to investigate the biological effects of traditional Thai medicine and to work towards scientifically proven interventions promoting healthy ageing in developing countries. This project is co-supervised by Dr Marina Ezcurra at Kent and provides with world-class doctoral training in a vibrant research environment and interdisciplinary collaborations with our partners at University of Kent and BIOTEC Institute in Thailand.

An advert will be up soon. In the meantime feel free get in touch if this is something for you. Note: The studentship does not cover fees or visas for overseas students.

Welcome to our summer students.

June-September 2019

This year we are pleased to have Javier Martin (University of Granada, Spain) join us on an Erasmus program, as well as Ryan and Irene (University of Kent stage 2 undergraduates).

Congratulations Dr Thompson.

July 2019

Congratulations to Max, our first PhD student through the door!

Twitter fun

June 2019

BBSRC grant awarded to work on RNA Pol III

May 2019

Amazing to be awarded a collaborative grant to examine the role of RNA Polymerase III in regulating lifespan in worms, flies and mice. We will be working as a consortia with our collaborators and friends Dr Nazif Alic @UCL and Prof Colin Selman @The University of Glasgow!
Post doc positions will be advertised in all three labs very soon.

Welcome to the Ezcurra Lab.

April 2019

Great to have another worm lab at Kent!  Marina Ezcurra and her team join us this month - looking forward to happy and productive days ahead. 

Book chapter on Signal Transduction Pathways in Ageing published.

March 2019

Great writing this together with Cathy Slack (Aston University) and finally seeing it published!

Slack, C. & Tullet, J. (2018) Signal transduction pathways in ageing. In: Harris, J.,  Korolchuk, V. (eds.). Biochemistry and Cell Biology of Ageing: Part I Biomedical Science.    Sub-cellular Biochemistry, 90, 323-350, Springer, Singapore.  First online: 19-02-2019   doi: 10.1007/978-981-13-2835-0_11.

Talk at London worm club

December 2018

Always great to speak at and attend this meeting.

Superworms at St Stephens Infant School.

November 2018

Invited back by popular demand! We were very happy to be asked back to the school and spent an enjoyable morning showing Year 2 children how to use microscopes to see the worms.

New Masters by Research student joins the lab.

October 2018

Welcome Alex!

Enjoyed a trip to Leeds for the UK C. elegans meeting.

September 2018

Jenny, Max, Dan and Isabel attended this meeting to present our work and talk to other worm workers. Loads of great talks and posters!

Excited to present our work on RNA pol III and lifespan at the International C. elegans meeting in Madison USA.

June 2018

Jenny and Max travelled to Madison to present their work and learn about other incredible work in the field.

BBSRC New Investigator grant to work on SKN-1 started.

January 2018

Welcome to Dr. Isabel Goncalves Silva. Exciting times ahead!

Paper showing the conserved role of RNA pol III in lifespan published.

December 2017

Our collaboration with Drs Nazif Alic (UCL) and Matthias Heinemann (University of Gronigen) has come to fruition. Read all about it in Filer et al.,2017 Nature.

Nick Tataridas-Pallas joins the lab as a PhD student.

October 2017

Welcome Nick!

Worms on tour at St Stephens Infant School, Canterbury.

May 2017

We talked about being a biologists and the children has fun looking at the worms down the microscope and taking part in some science based activities.

Paper describing the role of SKN-1 in stress resistance and lifespan published.

January 2017

Read all about it in Tullet et al., Ageing Cell 2017.

Had fun making a podcast for The Guardian.

November 2016

Dan Scanlon Joins Lab as PhD student.

October 2016

Welcome Dan!

Think Kent Talk published online.

October 2016

Max Thompson joins Lab as PhD student.

October 2015

Our first PhD student!

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